How Do I Choose the Right Real Estate Agent?

Thursday 08 Aug 2019

One of the most important elements when choosing the real estate agent to represent you is ‘trust’.
An agent offering you the lowest commission rate and/or the highest appraisal is not necessarily the best option. To make your selection easier, take the advice of the professionals:  

•    Ask your colleagues, family, friends and neighbours to refer you to a proactive agent
•    Search the internet for reviews from past clients of local agents
•    When you interview your potential agent, ask the following questions:
-    How many properties did you sell last year and last month?
-    How many buyers are you working with at the moment?
-    Can you provide me with an example of your marketing campaign?
-    How many salespeople do you have in your team?
-    What charges will I incur if the house doesn't sell?
-    If I am not happy with your performance, how do I cancel our agreement?
-    Can you provide me with a list of your past clients and testimonials?
-    How often will I receive feedback on the progress of my sale?

Test the sale price they quote you and ask:
-    Can you provide me with 3 recent sales in the area, similar to my property, and what they sold for?  

-    What is the average house price in my area?

-    Do you have similar properties to mine currently for sale?

Firstly, ask them how they arrived at their opinion and what other homes, like yours, have sold nearby recently. If your agent can’t justify their estimate to you, they’ll never be able to justify it to a buyer. Do your research. Check other recent sold prices on the Internet.