City of Boroondara

City of Boroondara
In November 2016 to February 2017, the Boroondara community was asked to share their thoughts on what is most important to them in their community.
Seven priority themes emerged:
-Community services and facilities
-Parks and green spaces
-Residential development
-The community
-The environment
-Getting around Boroondara
-Local shops and businesses
Boroondara Council are now planning based on the feedback received.
Below are the services currently provided in Boroondara under each of the identified themes.

Community Services and Facilities
•Management of five libraries and 10 neighbourhood houses
•Sport and fitness facilities, maternal and child health services, kindergartens and aged care support services
•Maintenance and enhancement of roads, drains and footpaths
•Cleaning and maintenance of public areas

Parks and Green Spaces
•Maintenance of parks, gardens and green spaces, playgrounds and walking trails
•Local planning policies which require developers to contribute to the provision of public open spaces
•A local planning policy that requires developers to contribute to the provision of public open space

Residential Development
•A planning scheme that has a strong emphasis on the protection of neighbourhood character and heritage places
•Encouragement of high quality building design through the Boroondara Planning Scheme
•Limited influence in the redevelopment of land for single-dwellings, as they are approved by private surveyors (who are not employees of Council) in accordance with the state building Act and regulations. Planning permits are generally not required for the construction of a single-dwelling.
•Protection of Boroondara’s Heritage and advocacy for more heritage protection.
•Advocacy to the Victorian Government for more diverse and affordable housing in Boroondara.

The Community
•Partnerships with local agencies to respond to community safety concerns.
•Resources in other languages, translators, and networks to foster inclusive communities.
•Grants for community groups, the Boroondara Volunteer Resource Centre and youth support services.
•Group activities and events for people of all ages and abilities, and resources, information and networking opportunities for the community groups.
•Spaces and places for the community, the Hawthorn Arts Centre, men’s sheds, markets, festivals and community gardens.
•Opportunities and spaces to engage in performing and visual arts
•Promote healthy environments in our homes, schools, workplaces and in places where people recreate and connect.
•Regulation of environmental risks to health. Examples include food safety, immunization and emergency management responses.

The Environment
•Planting and maintenance of trees in streets and parks and regulation of the removal of trees on private land.
•Maintenance and revegetation of bushland to protect biodiversity and native plants and animals.
•Environmentally sustainable practices in Council services and facilities.
•Creation of rain-gardens and wetlands that remove pollutants to support waterway health.
•Community education to promote environmentally sustainable practices.
•Waste collection and recycling services and regulation of dumped rubbish.

Getting Around Boroondara
•Implementation of road safety measures, in traffic management and in reducing congestion on our local roads.
•Advocacy to the Victorian government for improved public transport
•Management of improvements to off-road shared paths and walking trails
•Management of parking restrictions in residential area and shopping precincts.
•Funding for major transport projects across Boroondara.

Local Shops and Businesses
•Support of local shops and businesses by providing resources, information and opportunities for networking, training and mentoring.
•Provision of bins, removal of graffiti, maintenance and improvements of infrastructure like footpaths, toilets, seats, bike racks, drains and roads.
•Improvement of shopping areas through landscaping, to increase people’s enjoyment of them
•Provide access to shopping strips through managing parking and footpaths.
•Support and promotion of Boroondara’s markets- Camberwell Sunday Market, Hawthorn Craft Market, Camberwell Fresh Food Market and Boroondara Farmers Market.